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Yulia Lisle original oil art painting
Yulia Lisle studio in Solihull
Clay Artist
Wonderful time oil painting by Yulia Lisle
Yulia Lisle original oil art painting
Yulia Lisle original oil art painting

Yulia Lisle's studio
Oil Paintings

Join me for a journey in my creative process

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The creative process is one of my great passions, which has given me so much joy and happiness throughout my life. I am an artist, based in Solihull, specialising in oil paintings and floral artwork. It is my intention that my oil arts will add vibrancy, warmth, and colour to your home.


The unique element of my work consists of the volume and dimension of the oil paint that I apply to the canvas. This artistic technique allows the viewer to be drawn into and connect with the artwork. Because of this, the artworks change in different lighting environments, which lend them an almost lifelike quality.


If you feel a connection with my work, you are welcome to browse my art painting studio gallery where you will see examples of my floral artistry and other art paintings, or address me personally to create the artwork of your imagination.

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Closeup image of Yulia Lisle.

Yulia Lisle OilArt

detailed close up image of Yulia Lisle oil painting.
Image of Yulia Lisle painting in living room.
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