The world is beautiful place! Every day it gives me inspiration for my art and every day it gives me food for thought. I love nature, to learn about her, to understand her and I want to show all that I see in her in my paintings. Richness of colour, shape, line and its uniqueness, it seems to me that these are the things to consider when I create a picture composition. 


  In my school years I was in a specialisation art class where more lessons were given in painting, drawing and art history. Each year I had to complete an art test and always received top marks. 


  After school I studied art in South Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after K.D.Ushinski. This was a great student time with courses involving lots of experimentation in all areas of art and with other students I participated in exhibitions. In my final year to gain my degree I completed a batik project, the experience of which I found very interesting. It consisted of 3 paintings on large pieces of material which took 7 months to complete.


  After University I got an excellent position as an Art Teacher in a private school in Odessa where I had my own studio. It was very popular in school and I did regular exhibitions of the pupil’s art as well as my own. 


  When I was older I enjoyed painting the sea at different times of the day and seasons of the year. I made small paintings and drawings, which I still enjoy doing though now I tend to concentrate on larger paintings on canvas. 


  I have always been interested in art and I love painting flowers, landscapes and the sea. I lived by the sea for 30 years in the town of Odessa, Ukraine where I was born.


  I love the process of working with oil paints, their viscosity, richness, dynamic colours and the connection process of colours with the palette knife movement, as well as when I use it to try  and achieve volume on the canvas. Of course this is my palette knife tool, but I also like to work with a large flat soft brush. Brush strokes from the brush sometimes brings a more creative satisfaction, because they give a deeper effect when layering colour. I delight  in seeing light energy, colour and contrast in my paintings.

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