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Hot summer

Hot summer

Summer 2022 was very different, in many aspects and a beautiful at sametime, because a part of my heart is with my friends and loved ones in Ukraine, and it was not possible to visit them. Sometimes it is difficult to understand your feelings, but in my painting, they appear. The ochre colour of wheat, is the foundation of the painting; pink and white flowers, are symbols of peace, happiness, love and hope. These symbols give my viewer a very deeply felt work.

It is not always possible to look into your soul, but believe me, communication with yourself is an inner light of growth and understanding of your feelings.

While working on this painting, I went through a stage when I needed to let go of something and move forward. There were moments of resistance and misunderstanding. I couldn't resolve what was wrong with the composition. When I began to ask myself why this was the case, I was able to honestly answer it. Only then was I able to penetrate deeply into the state of the picture and complete it.

Now looking at my work, I feel a slight movement, freshness; aromas of flowers. So I want to rejoice and not let go of this happiness. It is in this state that I give you, my dear viewers, my new artwork; with it, there is even a little feeling that you were able to look into the inside of my soul.

Hope you enjoying as much as I did in creating time.


Oil on canvas


UnframedI I I I important t

  • Oil on canvas, 90x90cm, unframed, ready to hang

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